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Moving into a new condominium, FAQ's

I want to pay my monthly condominium assessments thru direct debit, how do I do this?
In your typical welcome package, there will be a form called an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Form, simply complete and return to the condo management company at least 5 business days before the end of the month.
Will my condominium assessments go up?
In general yes. Condominium assessments are based on the general operations of the property, which include such items as Insurance, Landscaping, Reserve Fund funding etc, all of the items as outlined within the condominium’s operating budget. Any increases in these costs, are passed onto the unit owner. As a unit owner, it is reasonable to expect an increase of at least the rate of inflation each year.
Can I help to minimize any increase in condominium assessments from year to year?
Yes! simple things like ensuring your refuse is properly placed within the refuse bins, if you have a pet, pick up after it, immediatley. If you see a bit of refuse (chip bag, empty can) lying around, pick it up and place it in the refuse bin. If your monthly assessments include water, don’t let the tap run for a long time, ensure your taps are not dripping, and your toilet is not leaking/running on.
What do my monthly condominium assessments cover?
Depending on your condominium, this can vary. In general, the condominium assessments cover the “common” or “managed” property as outlined within your condominiums operating budget. It is important to review the budget, and know what is covered. In almost all condominiums (other than RV parks) general items such as building insurance, landscaping, snow removal, street lights, reserve fund funding etc are covered. If you own in an apartment style condominium, additional items such as elevator maintenance, intercom and security, fire suppression and alarm monitoring may all also be included.
Do I need personal insurance?
Yes. While the condominium has insurance coverage on the building, the condominiums policy does not provide coverage to you or your belongings (and in some cases it does not cover any betterments or improvements that you have made to your unit)
Who do I call in the case of an emergency?
If the concern is a life emergency, such as fire, natural gas leak, etc, please call 911 immediatley.
If the concern is a non functioning elevator, no heat, broken security door to the common areas, water flood or sewer back up, please call our office for assistance (if the call is after hours you can call our emergency line)
Who do I call if my neighbours are being disruptive?
If it is noise such as a party, we recommend calling the local police for assistance. We do not recommend confronting the noisy unit under any circumstances.

Additionally, you can email your property manager with the full details (date, time, type of incident) and a bylaw infraction notice can be issued accordingly (and after review). Note: all complaints must contain the full information of the person making the complaint, and the complaint must come from an owner, or the legal representative, not a tenant.
I want to do renovations within my unit, do I need to the condominium Boards’ permission, what do I do?
Yes (the only exception is if you are simply painting). All plumbing, electrical, change of flooring etc must be preapproved by the Board of Directors.

To assist in this process, all owners can download a form from our website, called “Renovation Request Form”. This will help track and properly administer your request.
Someone is parking in my parking stall, what do I do?
The easiest thing is to place a polite note on the offending cars windshield asking the person to cease parking there. Additionally, you can also report the concern to the local Bylaw Enforcement Officer for added follow up and possible towing. Note: the management company does not become involved in towing vehicles from individual unit parking stalls.
Are pets or satellite dishes allowed at the condominium?
Every condominium is a little different, we always recommend that you review your condominiums bylaws to know what is permitted, and what is not. (in most cases, satellite dishes are not permitted)
When is the 1st AGM (developers hand over meeting)?
The first AGM will typically take place within the first 6 to 8 months of condominium assessments being started, however this may not always be the case. To ensure all owners are advised of the AGM meeting, a formal notice is mailed directly to you at your address on file with our office.
I have purchased my condominium unit as an investment, can Asset West assist with the leasing of my unit?
Yes, and we would welcome the opportunity to assist you. As an owner within a condominium where we are engaged to provide condominium management services, we provide preferred and specialized rates and services. Not only do we fully screen the prospective tenants, we do a full back ground check and credit rating check as well. We do not allow pets or smoking in any rental property under our management, this is for the owners protection. Please contact us for further details, we are here to assist.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions